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    I have a story home which has a full bath on 2nd level and toilet and sink on first floor. One problem is if I fill the sink in the upstairs bath and then drain it, water comes into the bathtub usually with black debris and other mess.

    Second issue is whenever we run the bathtub or take a shower, BOTH bathrooms smells like outside sewage. I do have a sump/ejector pump in basement that's used only for the laundry tub and outside drain that comes into the house. NO floor drains as the main seem to have been sealed. Any ideas? Located in Chicago
  2. do you know what a vent is? Find out about that, and then look at what your house has. In terms of vents.

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    The first issue is likely coming from a clogged drain line somewhere. The upstairs water drains into the tub because some kind of restriction is keeping it from passing on by the tub and going out to wherever ... and your second issue is quite possibly related.

    Someone is going to have to clear the drain line on the downstream side of the main floor bathroom.
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    Get a pro in to check your lines for clogs - seems like you have a partial obstruction after the sink drain joins with the tub...
    When he is there - ask him about venting...
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