Tub and Shower remodel - fixture valve choices

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  1. bclinton

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    Hi all - glad to find this forum. Lots of great info. I am in the process of replacing my tub surround and fixtures and wanted to do something different. I have a tub shower combo. The plumbing is very accessible. Here is what I was thinking about going with.

    Delta Faucet R10000-UNBX MultiChoice(R) Universal Tub and Shower Valve Body
    Delta R1827-XO Jetted Shower Rough-In with Extra Outlet 6 Setting, Chrome
    Delta T18017-XO Xo Jet Module Diverter Trim, Chrome
    I was wanting to run a separate hand held off of the XO port of the jetted shower rough in.

    I would also be getting a standard tub spout and shower head.

    Hot and cold would run into the mixing valve and either up or down to jetted Diverted valve or the tub. My jetted diverter would send to the body sprayers the hand held or the shower head.

    What I am missing is what determines whether the mixing valve sends the water up or down? What kind of trip kit would need to purchase. It would need to turn the water off/on - mix the water and divert it up or down.

    Sorry if I am confusing.....I confuse myself when I try to think about it.
  2. DougB

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    "What I am missing is what determines whether the mixing valve sends the water up or down?"

    It's called a diverter. I'd check out e-faucets or faucetsdirect.
  3. bclinton

    bclinton New Member

    Would the diverter typically be in the tub spout? In other words water flows to the spout unless the diverter in the spout is pulled or pushed?
  4. jadnashua

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    A common way to divert the water from the tub to everything else is with a diverter tub spout. That may not work well if you then run it through various mixers, as when you go from one position to the other, it may drop the flow enough so that it then starts coming out the tub spout again. TO get over that, they make dedicated diverter valves which may also include the mixer functions. It can get confusing when they talk about various ports, and then it can get even more confusing when you want to tie multiple things together, or run them separately.
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