Trouble replacing faucet in bathroom - Corrugated tubing lav connections?

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  1. WDavid

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    Hi All,

    I've done a few bathroom faucet replacements but I'm confused on this one. As you can see from the pictures below, there isnt a way to unscrew the hoses on either end of the connection spots. On the connections under the sink there's a nut that looks like it might allow the hose to come out but it doesnt. When you remove the nut you see that the metal hose is glued or somehow permanently connected to the faucet fixture.
    At this point I assume I have to turn off the water to the house and replace the item right behind the shut off valve to a modern day version of plumbing. :)
    Is my assumption correct or is there a simpler way to get this 'classic' faucet updated?


    Sink1.jpg Sink2.jpg
  2. jadnashua

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    You will need new shutoff valves; those hoses are permanently attached and cannot be removed from the valve. Then, depending on the new faucet, they may have hoses connected that would screw onto the new valve, or you may need to buy some the length you need. Suggest you look for a 1/4-turn ball valve for the shutoff. You do NOT want to reuse those valves/hoses...moving them might lead to them breaking. They're okay, but not great when new, and should never be reused.

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  3. WDavid

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    at home in California
    Thanks for the tips!
  4. jimbo

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    corrugagated water lines MUST be treated as single use, because over time they become thin and brittle, and are almost guaranteed to crack if you even ouch it!

    There are two ways the end may be connected at the faucet:
    1) There may be a ridge formed about 1/2" down. The gasket sits there, and the nut retains the ridge, forcing it up into the shank of faucet.
    2) More commonly, they simpy use a rubber gasket which is internally "threaded" , formed to match the corrugations. When the nut tightens up, it squeezes the gasket to hold the tube. Works well enough, but I have seen them "blow out"/

    Most plumber would NEVER reuse one. It boggles our mind that new-construction builders still use these sometimes. It is all about the $$$$$
  5. hj

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    when you unscrew the top nut from the faucet, the "hose" is stuck to it with a rubber gasket. Just "wiggle" the corrugated tubing and it will come out.
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