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    Trap Seal Primer - SOLVED - THANK YOU

    G'morning guys,

    I'm finishing up my basement. And have learned so much from you all. Thanks for your advice. Please excuse my ignorance on the correct terminology.

    I've purchased MIFAB MI-TSP-1 Trap Seal Primer.

    I have a plastic tubing(not sure of material, it's very flexible see-through) that comes up out of the concrete near the laundry. It runs under the slab and comes out in the floor drain. I've verfied that water will flow through the tubing (I've read about problems where the tubing is crushed during the concrete pour). This tubing has a 3/8" compression nut on the end.

    I am just looking for verification on 'where' in the cold supply line I should install this.

    My supply lines currently run vertically from the cieling with a threaded female port inline, for a 1/2" Male hose bib for the washing machines. This line continues down to a 90 and runs horizontally to supply the laundry tub.

    I would like this primer to activate each time the washing machine is used.

    Since the Primer needs to be supplied in a horizontal orientation, my plan is to put a 90 before the 1/2" threaded female port, then put the primer inline, then the 1/2" threaded female port for the hose bib, then a 90 to send the supply vertically down to another 90 heading horizontally to the laundry tub's shutoff ballvalve. From the drip outlet side of the primer, I have a 3/8" Comp. x 1/2" MIP w/Insert.

    Can one of you master plumbers out there confirm that this will achieve my desired results?

    I can take pictures or draw a diagram of my intentions if required, I just need to figure out how to upload a picture file.

    Thanks again guys.

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  2. shacko

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    That primer must be installed exacty how it's shown on the drawing, you can supply it any way you want thru the upper two ports with your shut off valve on one end. The lower port goes to your drain and it can't have any kinks in it, you may have to secure the tube to the wall, depending on your piping it should be easy. :)
  3. BigMonkey

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    Ontario, Canada
    Thanks for the response shacko... :)

    I'm off to finish this and get the water back up and running.


    Works perfectly, thanks again!
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