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    My laundry sink has a trap primer for the floor drain that runs as a line from under the faucets. Lately, I've noticed a constant trickle of hot water running through the line, even when the faucet is off. There is a distinct noise coming from the copper pipe that leads to the faucet that was not audible before. Is the constant trickle normal and/or is the noise a problem waiting to happen? Thanks for any help.
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    If you have a mechanical trap primer that keeps running it's almost certain that it's defective, if you get hot water down the drain it's hooked up backwards; need to be replaced.

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    Replace the hot water washer on the tap and the trickle will stop. While your at it , replace the cold water washer too.

    95% of Canadians rarely use mechanical trap primers because they are prone to fail.This particular set up is attached to the laundry tub faucet
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