transporting a new water heater

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  1. dabiz7

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    noob question....why does the box on a new water heater say NOT to lay the heater on its side? is it constructed in such a way inside the tank that something could get broken if it was laid over?

    As long as your careful with it, I can't imagine why it wold hurt to lay it down in the back of the SUV to take it home. Can someone clarify this for me?

    Thanks and a great board !
  2. jadnashua

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    A cylinder is stronger sitting on its end. If it did flex by being on its side and bouncing down the road, any flex could compromise the glass lining. Same reason they tell you to not ship glass flat, or lay your flat panel display down flat while puts a lot of stress on things.

    For a practical situation, as long as you aren' stacking stuff on it, you should probably be okay. In a trailer from the factory, if they stacked them laying flat, most would likely be ruined while on the way to the retailer.
  3. MACPLUMB 777


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    Sorry jadnashua, on most things you are very good

    but in this case the mfg's don't want you to damage the gas controls etc.

    Or the electric covers but if you are careful to lay them on their backs

    no harm ! No foul ! Over 35 + years carrying heaters on their backs
  4. hj

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    55+ years of transporting them horizontal, but always on their backs, if for not other reason than if a dent should occur it would not be seen there. They are too awkward to stand up, secure, and then take off the truck at the site. And, a heater on its side will NEVER tip over and be damaged.
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