TOTO Drake 6 Month Review

Discussion in 'Toilet Forum discussions' started by achutch, May 15, 2006.

  1. achutch

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    Oct 20, 2005
    In October 2005 I installed a TOTO Drake ADA model toilet in my second floor bathroom. I was immediately impressed by its power and of its quality. To date, it has not clogged, backed up, or "spit back"

    Six months later, the numbers are in. I use the most water between the months of October and April. Much of the later months are spent in my summer cabin, so the usage at home is much lower.

    The following is a comparison between October 2004-April 2005 and October 2005-April 2006.

    The only change during these time periods was the toilet in the main bathroom. I swapped out a 1952 5-gallon Eljer for a 2005 Toto Drake.

    The following conditions remain the same:

    1 cranky middle aged 50 something male creature with CRANKIER bowels
    2 sweet cuddly male cats whose "daily contributions" are sent down the
    toilet in the main bathroom (non-clumping litter used)
    1 antique lightly used 7 gallon flush "Standard" toilet in the first floor half- bath
    1 full sized Frigidaire top loading clothes washer (1996) averaging 4
    loads per week
    1 Frigidaire dishwasher (1999) averaging 3 runs per week
    1 low flow shower head (Teledyne)
    3 low flow faucets (1 kitchen, 2 lavatory)

    Results: May 2005 water/sewer bill with 5-gallon Eljer

    Water 2,400 Cubic Feet or 17,954 gallons = $45.42
    Sewer charge 64.82
    TOTAL $110.24

    May 2006 water/sewer bill with 1.6-gallon Toto Drake

    Water 1,900 Cubic Feet or 14,213 gallons = $35.96
    Sewer charge 51.31
    TOTAL $87.27

    A savings of 3,741 gallons of water, and $22.97, the first time my "winter bill" has been below $100 !!

    I am truly impressed with the Drake, and rate it as reliable as my 7-gallon gushers. The 5-gallon and 3.5 gallon toilets for my needs are pale compared to the above. I will discuss this in a later post.

    Again, I want to thank Terry for this site, and all of the "regulars" who give advice. Had I not stumbled on this site, the game of "Musical Chairs" in the upstairs bathroom would be continuing, and continuing.....

  2. Cass

    Cass Plumber

    Nov 12, 2005
    I'm glad everything worked out well for you.
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