Toilet vent problem

Discussion in 'Toilet Forum discussions' started by dsmedley, Sep 26, 2004.

  1. dsmedley

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    I recently had a plumber add a vent to my toilet. He installed new vent outside of the house directly into the large drain line. This is past my kitchen sink, toilet, bathroom sink and shower. I am still having what seems like clogging problems. Advice on how to properly vent would be appreciated. I have already ran power snake through the system and found no clogs.

    My system is as follows: kitchen sink drains to batroom sink drain then shower returns to batroom sink drain. The toilet is after the kitchen sink.

    Kitchen sink_____________Toilet____________Bathroom sink_________Shower Thaks for any help, dsmedley
  2. jimbo

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    Not sure I understand this new vent. Outside the house? Are you saying that the drain system...particularly the toilet...did not previously have a vent? Where did you snake from? A partial clog in a large pipe can cause poor toilet performance while a sink or tub may still drain OK.
  3. LonnythePlumber

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    Vents Thru Roof

    Do you have vents through your roof? I don't understand why he would add an exterior vent unless you have inadequate venting inside the house. Is this a farm house or over 60 years old?
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    The positions of the fixtures is immaterial. What is important is the way the piping is arranged under the floor and inside the walls. We might have to actually see your installation to give a diagnosis, but installing a vent outside the building does not seem like a cure for most problems, if any of them.
  5. dsmedley

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    Vent problem

    There is one vent through the roof. I ran water through it and it did not back up so I'm assuming it is working. As you stated I don't know why he added a vent, although I have been told you need a vent for each sink, toilet, etc?. I ran a 75' power snake through and found no blockage. I must tell you there is no problem when my washer drain and it is past all the other sinks, toilet, etc. I guess I will have to dig up the drain to find the problem?
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