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  1. thezster

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    Fort Collins, Colorado
    I'm aware that I'm required to have 15" clearance from the centerline of the toilet between other fixtures - lavatories/bathtubs/etc. But - how about from a door? I'm cramped for space on a remodel - and can put the toilet centerline 15" from the tub - but the door to the bathroom won't quite make it.... Thoughts?
  2. iminaquagmire

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    Perhaps install a pocket door. I did that so I could put in a bigger vanity.
  3. TedL

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    I believe the code objective is to give the user 30" clear space (side to side) to use the toilet. If it's the entrance door to the bathroon, that would normally be closed when the toilet's in use, so what would the argument be for ignoring it when measuring?

    Now, it it were a door dividing the bathroom areas, which could be left open and still provide a single bathroom user privacy, there might be an argument to be made. But I still doubt any inspector would allow it, except in my town, where they don't seem to actually inspect anything.
  4. jimbo

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    It is ok for a door to swing through the required clearance area, so long as when the door is closed you have 15" C/l to each side, AND 24" clear floor area from front of toilet to door or wall.

    From a practical standpoint, you have to look at any layout and see if it is will be tricky to go in and get the door closed behind you!

    I lived for about 7 years on submarines, and the crapper in the CPO head had about 12" from front of bowl to door. You had to slide in, drop your drawers and sit down....then you could get the folding door to close!

    Oh for the good old days!
  5. krow

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    Ontario, Canada
    I just finished a project where space was an issue. The edge of the toilet tank is in line with the edge of the door trim. Just make sure that if your door was to open towards trhe toilet, that the toilet stops before it hits the porcelain. You can get door hinge stoppers that are adjustable to the amount you want to open the door.

    So, depending on the size of the tank. Take the overall width of the tank lid or its outermost part, divide by 2, and add 2" for wood trim and casing. There result will be from door to centre of flange . Make sure to allow your 15" on the opposite side.

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  6. thezster

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    Fort Collins, Colorado
    Thanks guys... though the inspector will, obviously, have the final say.....

    The door hinges will be inside of the 15 inch "restricted area" - though the door trim and hinges will still be outside of the tank itself, by a number of inches... (depending on the tank I purchase - and I love the Cadet Series for it's small tanks).... Haven't installed yet - just getting ready to submit the permit - but want all to go well from the outset....

    More questions to follow on my most recent project.... (yet another fix n flip)....
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