Toilet leaking and no water in bowl?

Discussion in 'Toilet Forum discussions' started by mwight, Aug 22, 2005.

  1. mwight

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    I just installed a new Crane Sure-flush in my remodeled bathroom and I'm having issues (three to be exact).
    1.) I noticed dripping around the sewer connection, so I'm guessing the wax ring isn't doing it's job. Is there anything wrong with stacking wax rings?
    2.) I also noticed leaking around the tank seal. I've tightened the tank as much as I dare to avoid cracking the china - along with the foam seal that came with the unit, should I have used any other sealant?
    3.) I looked at the toilet this morning and all the water was gone from the bowl. It wasn't on the floor, so I don't know where it went. Unless it got sucked down the drain - but that never happened to the old toilet. Thoughts?

    I did scan around the forum a bit before posting, but if I've overlooked previous answers I would appreciate helpful links

    Thank you.
  2. jimbo

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    San Diego
    1. Within limits, it is OK to stack up 2 wax rings. I prefer to use flange extension rings, properly sealed. If there is access, moving the flange up to the proper height is also an option.

    2. Water leak at base of tank: you need to do a close inspection to determine if it is the bolts leaking or the big gasket. In either case, it is probably best to remove the tank and reinstall everything. The large sponge tank gasket literally should seal just from the weight of the full tank. The bolts are just to steady the tank. So, something is wrong. Start over.

    3. Could be many reasons. A crack in the new bowl is one possibility. Try putting several drops of blue food coloring in the BOWL, after a flush. Now wait until all the water has leaked out. Remove the bowl and look for telltale signs of the blue water.
  3. mwight

    mwight New Member

    Thanks for the information. I'll try stacking two of the flange style (I had one initially, but it didn't "feel" like it set very well).

    The tank seal looked wet, so I assumed it was where the water was coming from. If I disassemble everything, is this seal reusuable or should I get a new one?

    If the leak is from the bolts, they do have rubber washers on them (inside the tank). Is there a sealant I should be using as well? I just don't want to mess anything up using a bunch of caulk or plumbers putty if it's not going to help.

    Good idea about the blue dye. I'll inspect the toilet before I re-seat it and try your idea once I've addressed the other seals.

    I'm starting to feel better about this "project"...
  4. bigmtk

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    I had the same problem with those toilets. 3 in row had hairline cracks in the works underneath the toilet. I set and reset each of those toilets numerous times trying to figure out why it was leaking. Ended up swithing to a different brand, problem solved.
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