tips for mounting wall hung toilet

Discussion in 'Toilet Forum discussions' started by Gymbo, Jul 7, 2005.

  1. Gymbo

    Gymbo Chiropractor

    Roseburg, Oregon
    Hi, we are going to put our new wall hung toilet up and would like some installation hints. From talking to a plumber we heard they can be tricky to put in.

    Thanks a bunch.
  2. which kind of wall hung toilet??

    are you talking aoubt an old stlyle toilet

    or are you talking about a wall hung toilet
    with a frame carrier inside the wall with
    the whole thing hanging off the ground and with
    the flange going ouit the back wall.???
  3. Gymbo

    Gymbo Chiropractor

    Roseburg, Oregon
    We have a house built 40 years ago with wall hung toilets. We purchased a new wal hung toilet, American Standart, and need to attatch it to the frame carrier which is inside the stud wall. The flange also exits into the wall. We purchased a water closet gasket and are ready to hook up our new toilet.

    Thanks, Gymbo's wife.
  4. toilet challenges

    If you have bought the identicle brand and model
    of toilet you might not have many problems as long as
    the boltholes line up exactly.

    every one I ever got into , it was trouble.

    being a wall hung , does it have a tank that you flush sitting on top
    the bowl or does it use the Chrome kind of valve you see in public restrooms??
    Royal flushometer ??

    you could be in for some real fun...
  5. hj

    hj Moderator & Master Plumber Staff Member

    Cave Creek, Arizona

    As far as I am concerned a wall hung toilet is the easiest one in the world to install. I would rather spend a day installing them than I would regular floor mounts. First you have to be sure that the bolts are projecting from the wall the proper amount for that toilet, and if not, adjust them to that point and then install nuts and washers on the two bottom bolts and the upper left one with the back of the washers against the wall. Put the gasket in the toilet, lift the toilet into place and spin the two upper finish nuts on the bolts to hold it. Then put the finish nuts on the lower bolts and tighten them until the toilet makes contact with the previously installed washers. Tighten the upper left bolt the same way and then spin the upper right one until it contacts the toilet and then turn it a quarter turn further, no more.
  6. Gymbo

    Gymbo Chiropractor

    Roseburg, Oregon
    Our toilets look and function like standard toilets, except they are wall -mounted & sewer line is in the wall. They are not like those seen in commercial applicationswith the tank in the wall. Thanks for the input, tomorrow will be the test & we will post our results or ask for more help!

    Gymbo's wife.
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