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Discussion in 'Toilet Forum discussions' started by DanMc, Dec 5, 2004.

  1. DanMc

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    I'm hoping I haven't made a big mistake by not fully addressing this sooner in my project.

    I recently retiled my 2nd floor bathroom floor. The house is about 14 years old and has a 4" PVC drain on the floor mount toilet. I didn't replace the flange and so now with the addition of cement board (1/4" + thinset) and tile (3/8 i think + thinset), the flange sits slightly below the top of the tile.

    My intention has been to use one of the inserts like the one pictured in the following forum thread: http://terrylove.com/forums/showthread.php?t=236

    So, I got the insert, cleaned up the old toiled, everything seemed good, but unfortunately the tile must not be set 100% flat by the toilet because its a little tippy.

    I have 2 questions:

    1) Am I asking for problem by not having replaced the flange but trying to use this insert instead.

    2) Whats the best approach to a slightly tippy toilet? Would it be silly to stick some thin peel-n-stick weatherstripping along the bottom edge of the toilet so that when it sits there's just a little cushion before the hard tile floor?

    Any advice for a total beginner would be much appreciated.



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  2. jimbo

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    The Fluidmaster waxless was designed specifically to address the "new tile job" situation. They seem to work well. You can also buy flange extensions.....basically ¼" thick spacers and you caulk and stack them up on the existing flange.

    Little plastic wedges are available to shim the toilet. You must do something so that there is no "wiggle".
  3. wes-in-nc

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    Hickory, NC.
    I usually use shims to make the toilet sit solid when the floor has a high or low spot. After the toilet sits firm with no rocking, I cut the end of the shim off with a knife and then caulk around the front and sides of the toilet.:D
  4. markts30

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    Phoenix, AZ
    I find the best solution for tippy WCs is some sheet roofing lead..
    I cut shims from it, folded if needed...
    Works great...
  5. coz

    coz New Member

    if you cant find a roll of sheet lead laying around plastic toilet shims will do fine
  6. DanMc

    DanMc Engineer

    I ended up using the plastic shims and it seems to have worked out.
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