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    Guys, are there any links that are a "how to" to add a tin roof to your home? My house currently has one layer of shingles, and I want to put a nice red tin roof on it this fall. I'd just like a link or something that would walk me through the how-to's, especially about how to deal with the vent pipes coming out of the roof. Any help?
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    I haven't seen it here, but that is not to say it isn't. But, I have seen it at This old House online, I subscribe to it, but, I think you should be able to see it there, if no one here can help. Or can't find it here. I would think it would look great but it might be awfully expensive. My house is old and has a tin ceiling in the diningroom and I wanted to do the kitchen in tin and when I priced it, I changed my mind really quick. But, I love it.

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    Kynar coated aluminum roofing can come with a 50-year plus warranty. SOme are better than others and don't pro-rate it. Look at a Pizza Hut building. There are all sorts of standing seam, and fake shake and other styles out there.
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    Man love the sound of the rain on a tin roof. Be sure to get one that coated every so often cause that would muffle the sound,you don't want that.I have done some tin roofs in my days and would suggest you don't take any short cuts. tear off that old shingle roof,re-roll it .
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