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  1. GaryD

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    I am tiling the floor in a new bathroom in my basement.

    Do Install the toilet flange flush with the basement cement and than instal the tile around it OR do I install the tile and the toilet flange on top of the tile?
    Thanks, Gary
  2. jadnashua

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    New England
    The correct way is to install the flange on top of the finished floor. It must be anchored well, and be sitting flush on top of the finished floor. It is not uncommon to take the shortcut and leave in on the subfloor, but then it is lower than it was designed to be which give it more opportunities to leak since you need a thicker wax ring to make the seal which can be blown out if you are too aggressive when plunging a clog. To make it easier on yourself, notch the tile so you only have to drill anchors into the concrete, which is much easier than cutting through some really tough floor tile.
  3. leejosepho

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    What Jim said is definitely best, and especially with ceramic tile, yet I laid my thin vinyl flooring after the flange had been installed and cast in the concrete.
  4. hj

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    You are comparing apple and oranges. Thin sheet goods do not affect the height of the flange. Ceramic tile and other thick materials do. And if the flange ever has to be replaced, getting it "uncast" from the concrete will be a lengthy, expensive job.
  5. leejosepho

    leejosepho DIY scratch-pad engineer

    Yes, and I mentioned both because we do not know which GaryD has!

    Is there any alternative? Casting it in seemed the only way.
  6. screw flange into floor concrete.

    Yes, JL-o you have already seen this thread where you posted at least once: http://www.terrylove.com/forums/showthread.php?t=12562&highlight=plastic anchor

    The second to last post is from the thread originator; he congratulates someone on having gotten the best idea here. Quote: ".... 1/4" masonary bit through and then the plastic anchors did not have a flange on them so I could pound them into the hole. Then I used some 2" #12 stainless steel screws to secure it to the concrete...."

    Disregard the last post since the guy who wrote it didn't seem to be swift that day; he wrote as if he hadn't cottoned on to all the previous discussion. That's fair. Some days are like that.

  7. leejosepho

    leejosepho DIY scratch-pad engineer

    The issue there was merely about fastening the actual flange *of* the flange to the floor after the PVC parts had already been cemented. But now that I think about it, yes, one could later (after tile) install a flange on a pipe or in a hub first cast in the floor.

    If you are talking about my post in that other thread, I was belatedly saying to forget about merely fastening down the flange and to instead simply sandwich the flange while bolting the toilet directly to the floor (rather than bolting a toilet to a bolted flange). For one reason or another, I have had to do that with more than one PVC flange.
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