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Discussion in 'Toilet Forum discussions' started by zodiack, Apr 9, 2007.

  1. zodiack

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    I'm attempting to do a basement bathroom remodel and am currently being stymied by an awkward toilet floor drain position.

    I have a good distance from the back wall, 13", but only 11 1/4" from the side wall. It's a very small room, so ideally I would use a corner toilet but the specs on the, say, Eljer Titan Triangle demand at least 12" from both. I've seen +/- 1/2" somewhere, but maybe +/- 3/4" is too much to hope for? Maybe I'm looking at the problem the wrong way?

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    Are you wanting to put a toilet where there is now a floor drain? If so, I would suspect you are going to have to break open the floor so you can remove a trap and install a toilet flange ... and that should allow you to locate it wherever it needs to be.
  3. zodiack

    zodiack New Member

    I'm sorry, I'm probably using the wrong terminology. The drain I'm looking at is flanged and previously had a regular toilet on it, with an uncomfortably close wall on one side which I'm hoping can be replaced with a corner toilet.


    If breaking the concrete floor is really the only possibility I'm pretty sure it turns the project into something I need to have someone do for me, which is why I'm kinda trying to avoid that path if possible.
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  4. Eljer will know. I believe you have plenty of space, but only the manufacturer will tell you that for sure. Perhaps they have a PDF on their web site.

    Your idea is good, to pivot 45 degrees on that toilet flange so you get elbow room on both sides.

  5. zodiack

    zodiack New Member

    Eljer probably knows, but they're not telling. The entire response I received from their email support follows:

    Wow, thanks, Eljer. The PDF for the toilet shows 12" - an unspecified gap. I've ordered the tank and will update the thread when/if I get it installed. Thanks for the feedback :)
  6. Eljer not good with information

    I had that same problem with Eljer several years ago, and I figured they would have improved their information since then.

    In the end I bought two wall-mount toilets to go on Geberit carriers. I calculated every inch in advance using the web site. I found I could still save another inch after I got the carriers.

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