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    I have a Delta Temperature control Valve on my shower. Installed one year ago. Once intstalled I had to
    replace the 'inner valve" as it was defective. The Hardware store replace the "valve" without charge. Now, and basically since it was new it does not preform as other temperature control valves I have had did. The water temperature does not remain constant from one use to the next. Also, when adjusting the temperature control valve it does not "always" adjust the water temperature. Please advise if there is an adjustment or some change I can make so I don't burn my "tootsey" or scald my "butt". Thanks
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    Are we talking a thermostatically controlled valve, or just one with a separate temp and volume control? It does make a difference. Depending on the rough-in valve, Delta has three different types of shower valves: pressure balanced single handle, separate temp and volume pressure balanced, and two knob thermostatically controlled. A properly working thermostatically controlled valve should remain pretty consistent temperature. Either of the other two will vary based on the WH outlet temp and the incoming cold water temp. Maybe a call to Delta would help sort out the problem.
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    Please post a photo of the valve and the cartridge.
    Nothing is adjustable. Something may or may not be defective. We need to see what you have.
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