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  1. Greg

    Greg New Member

    I have noticed in the past that alot of people on this site are not to keen on tankless heaters. I need to replace my propane 40 gal. tank and was possibly considering tankless. Whats the best tankless unit on the market and should I divide my home for two smaller tankless units. I was thinking of putting the mst. bath on its own unit. Its about 75 from the the single unit we have now and it takes forever to get hot water at the faucets.

    If not tankless whats the best propane tank with elec. ignition on the market today.

    Thanks for any thoughts and sugestions,
  2. takagi tankless

    go ahead and get a Takagi propane tankless

    it will run you about 1900.00 for a good one...

    be sure you have soft water too...
  3. Greg

    Greg New Member

    what about splitting the system? Will I be able to tell the difference in a tankless compared to a tank system? What about Rinnia tankless units?

    Thanks Greg
  4. kordts

    kordts In the Trades

    exurban Chicago
    Instead of splitting, go with the proper sized unit and a recirc line that dumps into a 6 gallon electric heater. You don't want to run it back to the heater, it voids the warranty. This isn't my wisdom, I gotta give Scott Gregg the props on it.
  5. sorry ...my first post was sarcastic......

    i did not think you would tank my first post seriousely

    you gotta be nuts to put two prpane tankless
    water heaters in your home to replace a 40 gallon

    I know that they are the rage and everyone is blindly just
    jumping off the cliff every day....

    why not just install a 50 gallon propane and be happy
    with a recirc line on a timer??

    why would you ever install two propane units and go
    through all that greif and expence???
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