Tankless in Laudromat

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    i own smal laundromat 15 top loaders,4 30lbs front loaders i,m considering to instal tankless hot water units i,ve got allready estimate on units TAKAGI AND RENITE they advaise me to install 6 units i live in 40degre zone but my water pipe run inside of my landry to my egsiting hot water unit and storyge tank im cnfused about will be worth it my investmet,any owners operators there who got those units instaled i would like to hear from them.my e-mail kaz.1197@hotmail.com
  2. \where are you located????

    the cost feasibility would be questioinable

    How much do they want to charge for 6 tankless
    water heaters????? That has got to be expensive..

    where do you live in the USA????

    In our area, I would advise someone to simply
    RENT a couple of commercial gas heaters from
    the local gas company.....

    when they break down ...its the gas companies
    service departments responsibility
    to make reapirs to them ASAP...
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  3. hj

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    Cave Creek, Arizona

    IN must be one of the last areas in the country where the utility monopoly is allowed to compete with private industry.
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    KAZ: You need to sit down with someone to run some numbers. The tankless will be very expensive to purcahse, and the installation will be very expensive. You will save a small amount on your gas bill, but you need to calculate the payback period. You also need to consider that the tankless will need preventive maintenance, probalby twice a year at least, in a commercial opoeration. You will have to pay someone to do that.

    HJ: I don't know if it is still available, but in MASS my parents for years rented their gas WH from the utility company. Did they pay many the cost of that unit over the years..of course. But as that commercial says.....peace of mind...get your failed WH replaced within 4 hours, 24/7...FREE>>that's priceless. Despite the cost, I never advised them to to otherwise, because that "security blanket" was indeed priceless to them.
  5. HJ.....Indiana

    The local gas company will rent you a Rheem commercial
    120 gallon heater.......199btu....... power vented and all

    They will install it and maintian it for the low, low price
    of only $120 per month...

    I recommend this route to a lot of people

    some listen and some dont...

    but when you consider that you can only get a 3 year warranty
    on a commercial heater anyway, I think it would be the cost of
    doing business to simply lease them....

    I would also guess that with a battery of TANKLESS HEATERS being put in a
    COMMERCIAL setting the warranty is far less than in a home
    probably 3 years or so......

    that bites...
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  6. kaz1197

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    tankless in laundromat

    thankx very much for the responde i live up state ny as i said incoming water is reat it 40 f i,ve got some estimeate about 14500 to much i did not hear about rentig iwill check this out well isek for some cheaper solution energy cost is kiling me .thanx for advise:)
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