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  1. patsfan054

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    Hello all, I hope someone can help, I have a tub with a Symmons Temptrol dial to control the water hot/cold. It was working fine and for the last 3 weeks when I put the hot water on it will only last for about 1 1/2 min then it goes cold. I have checked the sink in the same bathroom and it works fine gets hot. I checked the sink and tub in the other bathroom and hot water come out of these as well. I was wondering if replacing the dial will help to correct this problem or if there was something else to check. Thanks.
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  2. simmons

    it depends on how old this faucet is....

    if it is fairley new , you should be able to pull the cartridge
    out of it and get a replacement part somewhere in town....

    BUT ---you might want to call around first to find someplace that will
    have that brands parts in stock before you tear into it....
  3. patsfan054

    patsfan054 New Member

    Replaced Temptrol Hot/Cold Spindle Assembly

    I replaced the Temp hot and cold spindle assembly but this did nothing. It was clogged however the inside part would not move like the new one. Still only hot water for a very short time 1 min then gone.
  4. guess what??

    you might want to see if the hotline is clogged up....

    takeing out that part , then blasting some water through the

    faucet with the shower door closed is the next step.....

    I ahve never been in love with those faucets

    you could be in the market for a new Delta if all else fails...
  5. Redwood

    Redwood Master Plumber

    I would be interested in how the hot water source is doing.
    When you have this valve on, set in the hot position and the hot water goes away, is there still hot water in the sink or has that gone as well?
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