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  1. Cass

    Cass Plumber

    I am posting this question for someone.

    I have decided I need to replace my sad old pedestal pump.

    Here is what I have chosen:

    Zoeller N57
    Verticalmaster switch
    Zoeller 507 backup pump

    My current hole is 11"x11"x21".

    Can anyone give some advice on the minimum dimensions I need to have for the above installation?

    I suspect I would be best served putting it in a sump basin; would you agree? Can I get a lid for it that will accept water coming in from above (say a sink leaked in the same room)?

    For your info my basement is:

    1680sq. feet
    Distance from bottom of sump hole to the pipe head (before it turns 90' to exit the building into the gutter downpipe) is 8'5"

    The distance from the head to the gutter downpipe is 6'.

    If you think I may have underestimated using a 1/3hp model let me know that too.


  2. it iwll work

    the 507 battery back up from Zoeller is a pretty

    wimpy backup sump pump.....I have had a few fail on me..

    go with the big one the AQUANOT II

    here are some pics ...scroll down to the bottom of the page
    with the pic of a radon system should get the idea how to
    drop a drain into the top of one of these lids....

    takeing clear plastic panels
    cutting them to size and then patching closed the lid

    <<<YES>>> to all the << CRITICS>> and <<<<PROFESSIONALS>>>>

    ...the caulk in this picture looks sloppy
    but it will turn clear and look much better
    in 10 days.....I have not heard a complaint from the customer yet.

    stuck at home again today ,
    my kid is still sicker than a dog.
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  3. Cass

    Cass Plumber

    Mark, will the Aquanot 2 and main pump fit in a pit with an 11" bottom?

    What do you do when it is a sump pit and radon pit combo?
  4. sumppumppimp

    sumppumppimp New Member

    The 57 and 507 will require a pit size of 18" dia X 24" deep minimum.

    Mark is right, the 585 will out perform the 507, heck it even out performs the 57! If you are in a low flow application, the 507 will be fine! If you have a lot of water coming in, go with the 585 model.

    As for as making it work with a radon system, that is going to be up to you the installer!:D

    The 57 will be fine for the application!
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  5. Cal

    Cal New Member

    Northern Virginia
    Couldn't pass this up ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Nice job Mark but ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, what did you smooth that chaulk with ,,,, A SHOVEL !!??

  6. my middle finger

    I laid it on real thick then sort of

    spread it out with my hand...

    I find that my index finger works best

    to get the right texture and application

    throughout the work of art........

    its sort of like painting a ....mona liza....
  7. moggi1964us

    moggi1964us New Member

    NJ USA
    Thanks to everyone

    I'm the person who asked Cass to put up my question as I was having registration difficulties.

    I just wanted to say thank you for all your help.

    I ordered the N57; Verticalmaster switch and Aquanot ll today.

    Now all I need is a sump basin; a couple of check valves; 20 feet of pipe and somebody to dig a bigger hole than i currently have and fit all this stuff!! :D

    Oh, and let's not forget the Deep Cycle Battery - a 108 aH Concorde 1080T.

    I'll return and let you know how it all went.

    By the way, I am coming up a blank on a sump well with a lid that has a one way valve to let flood water in. Any ideas?

    Thanks again,

  8. Cass

    Cass Plumber

    Mark, I nominate you for the Art Director position of sump pits.:)

    Good Job.
  9. your pit should work fine

    you really should not need to enlarge your pit

    all you have to do is place the zoeller on the bottom
    of the pit.....

    then raise the aquanot up by setting it on bricks,

    or whatever it takes to get it to fit snugley

    in the hole.....

    all you have to do is set the ball at the right height
    and it dont matter what level the impeller is in the pit
    in fact its best not to have the impeller sitting
    directly down in the silt area.....

    its really just a matter of installing the sump pump first
    and getting it as tight as possible into the hole

    then you got to man handle the AQII down into the hole
    and figure out the best way it would set in there.....

    for the switch to work freely and not get in the way
    of the lower pump switch.....

    the Aquanot II can be top heavy if raised up in the hole ---- their are many ways to make it solid....

    I have taken a 1 1/2 pvc pipe and laid it across the whole pit and butted it up the back wall....
    then put red plastic anchors in the floor and strapped down the pipe to the floor

    then used heavy wire to tie the Aquanot to the pipe....

    and strap down the zoeller sump too

    also duct tape works good too.....

    its really just matter of what the "plumbing artist "
    feels would work best in each situation....

    [​IMG] [​IMG] here is a pic of how you get the lid and two pumps into the same hole...

    notice how the plastic lid was sawzalled in half ........then eventually re-glued together.....

    the lid is just a matter of getting a new plastic lid and
    carveing it up a bit....they are only a few dollars...

    staying home again today with 9 year old flu victim

    got lots of time on my hands today
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  10. moggi1964us

    moggi1964us New Member

    NJ USA
    Would there be a benefit to the pump cycling less often if I enlarged the pit so that a greater volume of water was moved on each cycle? Or am I just not understanding the science :eek:

    I have read of people using a plastic bucket from HD with holes drilled in it; is this truly a viable option? I have a square pit so would need to find a square bucket. Hmm!

    I almost ended up at home with my 5 year old who decided he didn't want to go to school today when we got to the car park!! Being as he didn't want to go into class I convinced him he would be better served as a coat rack and left him happy in the hallway pretending to be a coat rack!

    Kids eh :D
  11. Cass

    Cass Plumber

    A Zoeller pumps life is most times directly related to the number of on off cycles of the switch. The switch is normaly the first thing to fail and Zollers are replaceable.

    The answer to your question is yes, fewer on off will give a longer switch and pump life.
  12. moggi1964us

    moggi1964us New Member

    NJ USA
    Being as I am using a Veticalmaster switch at least replacement of that should be easy if it should fail.

    Thanks Cass.
  13. sparking5

    sparking5 Electrician, JIW

    :D I enjoyed that one!
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