Sump Pump Goes Off Utility sink gurgles

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    We have a house that was built in the early 70s, that we have lived in for 2 years now.
    There is a sump pump in the crawl space that exits into a drain line that goes into the backyard. Our septic is on the other side of the crawl space and it empties into the front yard. We have a utility
    sink in the garage, that I am assuming empties into the same drain line as the sump pump. I am not sure if this is up to code, and I am not sure if this was originally installed when the house was built.
    Regardless, when the sump pump goes off, particularly after a lot of rain, the utility sink gurgles, which can be extremely annoying. It only gurgles after quite a bit of rain...sometimes the pump will go off and it wiut ll not
    gurgle as much. Could I just put a drain stop in the utility sink, or would this be a bad thing to do? Any other suggestions? From what I have found on the internet...could this be a venting problem?

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