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Discussion in 'Pumps and Tanks Well Forum & Blog' started by choppy, Jul 30, 2008.

  1. choppy

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    Jul 30, 2008
    I have been doing some research on the reliability of various makes of sump pumps and it appear Zoeller and Hydromatic are the most reliable with the exception of switch issues for the Zoeller.

    Actually, I have a Zoeller M57 installed (does not have the variable level float) but due to the high water table this season the sump in the basement is now running approximately every 5 minutes. This is due to the float switch with a small on and off distance of only 4.5 inches. Actually what I need now is about 12 inches of water between cycles to increase the cycle to every 15 minutes to increase the switch life. The M57 is rated for 100,000 cycles and by the rate of the cycling on and off I suspect I'm due for a pump within the next while.

    I'm looking at the smaller M49 Water Ridd'r III which is 1/4 hp from the current 1/3 hp which has the tethered float switch but this only provides 7 inches between cycles or the BN53 with the piggyback variable float switch.

    The other sump pump I'm considering is the Hydromatic W-A1 with the Wide angle float switch.

    So I guess I have three questions. Can I modify the M57 I have currently installed with a piggyback variable float switch? And the second question is should I stay with Zoeller or go with the Hydromatic for the replacement if I can't modify the Zoeller M57 I'm currently using? Where can I purchase these products in Canada?

    Thanks a bunch for any and all information.
  2. choppy

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    Jul 30, 2008
    About 4 hours of Reading the Forum

    Well after about 4 hours of going back through older posts under the search term "sump pump" I have answered my own questions. Great information here and thanks to all those folks with the answers. I should have checked the posts first before asking for help. My apologies.

    To increase the pump cycle time you can purchase a SJE Rhombus vertical master switch and ensure the float switch on the Zoeller M57 pump is tethered in the "on" position. This basically creates a back up switch should the SJE Rhombus fail just by cutting the plastic ties.

    So no need to purchase another pump just add the the new piggyback vertical master switch purchased directly from SJE Rhombus for $68 that includes postage to Canada. They ship to Canada!! Now if you need more recycle time the SJE PumpMaster pump switch has pumping range: 7" to 36". But this is the free floating switch that can become snagged on the side of the plastic sump container. If you have lots of room in the sump pit this might be the answer.

    Zoeller provided a contact in Calgary Alberta for pumps just in case I needed to purchase another pump. So for those of you in Canada looking for Zoeller pumps in Canada go to the Zoeller web site or drop them an e-mail as they are very quick to respond.
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