Subcontractor damage during remodel

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    Our bathroom remodel has taken 13 weeks due to some supply problems and other small issues. We finally got to use our new shower last week - we took a total of 4 showers, plus I cleaned it once. Our bathroom is on the 2nd floor. I was downstairs when I walked in a large puddle of water. We called the contractor the next morning and they came and looked and discovered that the flange on the shower pan drain had not been tightened enough and the pipe had popped out - so the water was all over the ceiling of the downstairs bedroom and into our hallway. The ceiling was now bubbling at the tape joint. The plumber admitted to me it's his fault. He said they didn't tighten it enough. I was at work but was told they would cut a hole in the ceiling, dry everything out and then fix the hole in the ceiling and paint the ceiling. The contractor offered to pay the installation of new carpet and he doesn't want to go through his insurance. Now today he is offering me a "carpet allowance" of $5/yd which is what he said he would be charged to install new carpet by someone. We had significant damage and it took 5 days for the room to dry out - all this over the long weekend. The water was in the hallway, part of the family room and a spare bedroom. Originally he had told me they would replace the carpet in the hall and the family room since they would need to match. I pushed for the bedroom since it got wet too. Is $5/yd fair? Over the phone when it first happened he told me I'd pay for the carpet and he'd pay the installation of new carpet. The carpet is not new it's 14 years old but we had NO intention of replacing it for awhile. I have since discovered they didn't move a bookshelf and it got wet under a corner of the carpet and also that there are water drips down the wall. I also lost a large wedding picture. He has agreed to repaint the room. I guess my concern is that we are out a lot of money because of having to replace the carpet and I'm not sure $5/yd is fair?
  2. you are getting hosed- things could get ugly

    I hope you arent freinds with the contractor

    just turn it into your insurance company and let them duke it out with

    the contracotor.... thats the way things work in the real world.
    .... thats the right way to do this ....

    You are not the one that made a mistake.....YOU PAID THEM< remember??

    your insurance simply goes after the plumbers insurance company..

    thats why they got insurance...just in case.

    Maybe they dont have any!!

    Just pay your deductable, and take your lumps.

    You might get that back form the contractor or hold back some money from the final draw , if you still owe him some...

    just get some one out therr ASAP that is a professional in drying out homes and get their opinion.... Chem dry, ect...

    Your insurance company has people that they use every day for this very reason that could be at your home today in two hours --CALL THEM

    you could lose the whole ceiling ect...
    you can get MOLD growing in the walls,'
    you can get the floors warping , ect....

    you need to get it dried out good......NOW> for everyones sake.

    thats why you got home owners insurance......

    you really dont know how much water went into the walls, or on the floors...

    The contractor will never do a professional job getting this totally dry...

    because not his expertise, to do it right....

    especially if he is already crawfishing about not wanting to go through his insurance comapny....

    it aint a good sign....

    dont ever believe a contractors promise.......once they got their money,

    they are gone, gone , gone.

    and then you are left holding the bag and still got to turn itinto your insurance company.

    you might not like to get mean,
    but it is your home you are defending.

    sorry about your troubles.
  3. lynneeliz64

    lynneeliz64 New Member

    In all fairness to the contractor and subcontractor they had Service Master here right away to dry everything out and they brought moisture meters with them. We had 3 large fans and a heavy duty dehumidifier for the weekend. They used a meter to check for moisture so I don't think that's an issue especially because it's the contractor AND the subcontractor involved. The contractor would be the one holding the bag after this is all over because he guarantees his work. He'd have to go after the sub if they don't do this right.

    I had thought because he was admitting it was all his fault we'd be okay but now I'm concerned he's seeing the dollar signs over the carpet and trying to get out of paying all the labour by offering the "allowance" of $5/yd rather than paying our actual cost.
  4. Spaceman Spiff

    Spaceman Spiff Architect

    Salt Lake City, Utah
    A quick answer is to call a carpet retailer in the area and ask how much for a mid-grade carpet installed with a mid grade pad. They'll be able to tell you off the cuff. I work in commercial and never touch the resi end so I can't help much with the numbers. Call a retailer or three today. Cheers!!!
  5. lynneeliz64

    lynneeliz64 New Member

    Thanks. We're off to Home Depot with our measurements tonight to get a better idea of cost. I'm happy to pay the cost of the carpet but I think the removal and re-installation should be his responsibility whatever that cost is. He admitted it was his fault. It was upgraded builder berber and upgraded regular carpet in the bedroom. He's stuck with replacing it all because the flood hit all 3 rooms...4 showers worth of water! I figure he pays the cost or it's time to call our insurance and let them duke it out. I haven't asked him to replace my damaged furniture, nor my damaged wedding picture, but I would like the actual cost of re-laying the carpet not an allowance. We're not at fault and had no plans to replace the carpet in the near future. When he called me before he ripped pieces out he said we'd pay the carpet and he'd pay the suddenly it's an "allowance"...
  6. hj

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    The "quick" answer is to tell him to either replace the carpet or contact his insurance company. Also contact yours. They may replace the carpet and then subrogate his insurance company or the contractor. No matter who does it, they may prorate it to allow for its age, but we cannot tell if $5.00/yd is a good number or not. It depends on the costs in your area, the quality of carpet you have, and the local costs of installed carpeting of a similar quality.
  7. lynneeliz64

    lynneeliz64 New Member

    What I'm looking at is about $22.00/yd installed with lowest grade pad - Shaw carpet from Home Depot. We would upgrade the pad and pay for that amount ourselves. I had the living room and dining room done by Home Depot in the Fall - it's a similar size. It cost us $1500 to have done -that included carpet, installation, removal and haul away of old carpet and upgraded pad. It was about 46 sq yds. Which would mean he'd be paying about $200 of the $1500 which just doesn't seem fair to me considering he has admitted it's all his fault.

    I'm off to Home Depot for a better idea of cost tonight. He told me he can get someone to install for $5/yd (the contractor's carpet guy) but my guess is that doesn't include removing the old carpet and the new pad. Thanks for the advice. I think I'm going to show him the quote from Home Depot and tell him he's responsible for the installation cost and the removal and haul away. (My guess about $450) I'll pay the cost of the carpet and the upgraded pad. Otherwise it's time to have the insurance people involved...

    By the way I'm in the Pacific Northwest - Greater Seattle area.
  8. what is your time worth anyway??

    Is someone going to pay for the furniture too??

    what is all your time and trouble worth trying to advoid calling the insurance

    companies and givieng everyone a break here???

    well maybe the sub contractor is worried about his insurance
    rates going up ect....but that is why they got it....too bad , soo sad.

    its not like you are trying to scam anyone here.

    I hope time proves me wrong , but

    I am willing to bet before its all said and done,
    you are gonna be holding the short end of the stick

    and you will be calling your
    insurance company to litigae with theirs.

    getting your company involved keeps everyone honest,
    and all the nonsense about how much a yard
    they are going to allow you and how cheap you have to
    get it installed for will be thrown out the window.

    Also, the water people that are at your home are being paid by the contractor and are sort of protecting his interests, and will most likely
    do things as cheaply as possible,,,,

    good luck,

    I am sure its going to be a learning experience for all involved.
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  9. hj

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    Cave Creek, Arizona

    Your carpet has a value, even if it is a reduced one. Any carpet would require removal, haul away, and installation, so even though he is "on the hook" for that, he should also cover the value of the existing carpet.
  10. lynneeliz64

    lynneeliz64 New Member

    Subcontractor's reply

    The subcontractor has agreed to pay the cost for Home Deppot to remove and dispose of the old carpet, put new pad in, and pay the installation cost of new carpet. We're paying for the cost of the new carpet. He is fixing and repainting the ceiling they had to pull out and painting the bedroom (1 coat) we're paying for the 2nd coat because we're changing the color. Hopefully it will all work out. Thanks for the advice and better luck to anyone else renovating!
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