Stubbornly clogged drain

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  1. Wade

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    My house was built in 1998 in Minnesota by Oren-Thompson. My kitchen drain flows into the main house drain line after the basement floor drain but before the main soil stack (thankfully). From the street, it would go MSS, then kitchen drain, then the end is the basement floor drain, if that makes sense. Whenever water is put down the kitchen drain, the basement floor drain backs up with water and food particles all over the basement. I've run an auger down both the kitchen and floor drain lines as far as it would go (50-60'?) and it loosened it up and let everything drain, but a few days later it was blocked again :mad:. I've tried Liquid Plumber (twice), pouring 2 gallons of boiling water down the drain, and even a baking soda-followed-by-vinegar treatment others had suggested. Nothing is working. I'm assuming there's sludge in the line, not a hard clog, that keeps stopping things up. What can I do about it? :confused:
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    Call a plumber that has a jetter, they will clean out the sludge and restore the pipe to its original ID. This can sometimes be caused by a belly in the line, you may want to have the main camera'd to check this.
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    Chemical drain cleaners do not work on clogged sewers in spite of the many TV commercials hyping them. A clogged sewer requires a professional plumber with professionally sized equipment operated by an experienced professional plumber to clear the pipe.
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    Unless you spent a lot of money, I doubt that YOUR snake was adequate for the job. Call a professional with better equipment. A jetter is usually only necessary with clogs caused by "Jell-O" type stopages that an auger punches through but it closes back around the snake, rather than dislodging.
  5. cacher_chick

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    The procedure normally followed for a main line clog would be to use a mechanical rodder along the entire length of the pipe from the house to the connection at the street. This along with flushing clears the pipe completely.
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    Wade, i would try this product from Cantol i saw them put Draino in a styrofoam cup and Ora-Solv in a styrofoam cup and the Cantol product dissolved the cup. Or Eze-Flo both are safe on all types of drains.

    ORA-SOLV PLUS contains biodegradable solvents and emulsifiers which dissolve grease and control odors. Environmentally compatible ingredients chemically combine to effectively dissolve grease, fat, oil, slime and soap scum in drains, pipes and grease traps. A natural citrus based solvent replaces masking perfumes to give a fresh orange grove aroma while dissolving greasy residues. ORA-SOLV PLUS mixes with water to give a uniform, economical solvent system. Used on a preventative maintenance schedule, ORA-SOLV PLUS helps prevent grease and slime build up in drains and pipes while controlling odours. ORA-SOLV PLUS will not harm metal pipes, generate heat or affect bacterial activity. Being biodegradable and free of typical solvents, acids and caustics found in drain treatments, ORA-SOLV PLUS may be used without fear of contaminating the environment or contributing to hazardous working conditions.

    EZE-FLO attacks clogged drains without producing a back-up foul odour. The fast-acting, ready-to-use, alkaline liquid will remove obstructions due to grease, hair, vegetation, rags, paper and other organic matter. EZE-FLO is heavier than water; therefore, it flows directly to the blockage.
    Pour 2 to 4 ounces of EZE-FLO into the stoppage and allow to stand for 10 to 15 minutes. EZE-FLO goes directly to the spot, penetrates the stoppage and opens the line to flow freely -while not giving off offensive fumes. adding a little EZE-FLO to troublesome drains once or twice a week as preventive maintenance. EZE-FLO keeps drains open and free running.
    The fumeless action of EZEFLO makes it ideal for use in hospitals, schools, and other sensitive environments. EZE-FLO is harmless to pipes, plumbing, vitreous china, porcelain surfaces and will not harm PVC or septic tank action. To help prevent overflows, slow drainage, use EZE-FLO regularly!

    Heres there number 1-800-387-9773 tell them Shawn Dunn referred you.

    Plus they GUARANTEE
    Cantol guarantees its products, when used as directed, to do all it claims. Should the product fail to demonstrate our claims, theremaining material may be returned to us and no charge will be made.
  7. johnjh2o1

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    I guess we should all discard all are draining cleaning equipment. This will make plugged drains a thing of the past.

    :confused: John
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  8. Gary Swart

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    This goes right up there with the Engine Overhaul in a Can and burning water in in your gas. AKA "Snake Oil"
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