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  1. buzzard

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    i have a full spool of solder thats been in the garage for i dont know how long.

    it is dutch boy and has the following markings:

    Sn 95% Sb 5% also says ASTM B-32.

    i also have a half spool of one that is oatey silver lead free solder but has no other markings.

    i am soldering some copper for water supply lines and want to make sure this is applicable.

    Soldered with No-Lead Solder
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  2. nhmaster

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    S. Maine
    It's fine. Go ahead and use it.
  3. Wrex

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    New Jersey
    Just make sure that any solder that you do use doesn't say Pb on it which means lead.

    The solder you're using is a combination of 95% tin and 5% antimony solders also bearing silver exist however the SB SN mix is the most common.
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  4. hj

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    It is actually the other way around. Silver bearing solder is the most common. 95/5 is also available, but is not used as much as the regular stuff because it is less tolerant as far as heat is concerned.
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