silicone remover by AMTEX??

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  1. mele

    mele New Member

    Anyone have any experience with a silicone remover made by a company called AMTEX?? I've tried all the other methods short of this specialty product, without success... . the new silicone isn't sticking where the old silicone was.
  2. Don Zorn

    Don Zorn New Member

  3. Jimtheplumber

    Jimtheplumber New Member

    I've used the Amtex product

    I have had success using the Amtex product to remove caulking around fixtures and also a silicone grease from some parts. I believe the website is Hope this helps.
  4. jumpyg

    jumpyg New Member

    I've had a lot of success using Contractor's Solvent by De-Solv-It. They sell it at Damman's hardware stores here in Michigan. Glenn Haege, who has a handyman radio show that airs nationally, recommended it to me.

    Contractor's Solvent
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