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    Ours is an older home about ten years ago the chimney was capped & the furnace & water heater now vent out the side in the driveway. Unfortunately, the water heater now needs to be replaced. We've had 2 plumbers in & spoke to another on the phone. No one can find a side venting water heater. Is this so odd? We've been given the option of installing an electric water heater, running a chimney up from the basement through two floors or a tankless water heater. I'm not sure why the tankless one would work. The house is on the market the electric water heater is not desirable. Both of the other choices cost twice what we expected for simple replacement. It's this really an unusual set up? It isn't very old so I didn't think so.
  2. side vents are odd balls

    you dont see many side vents...

    you should just get a bradford white POWER VENT in 50 gallon and use the same vent out the side of the house...
    Put the 2 inch pvc through the old sleeve and cement it up tight

    the cost will vary but is should run somewhere around 1500
    give or take for everything....
  3. Redwood

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    While I'm not seeing what you have there are quite a few gas water heaters designed to vent out side walls...

    I'm starting to wonder about your plumber selection.
  4. scap21

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    That's what I thought at first, too. But after talking to other plumbers I am even less sure.
  5. cant find many here

    at least around here they are rather difficult to locate......

    they never were very popular ......and most supply houses

    would rather not have to carry them for just a chance
    someone would want one
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    There are Direct vents and Power vents that both go out the side of the house. The power vent is located on top of the heater, but vents with 2" or larger PVC though the side of the house. Power vents cost more than regular vents heaters, but are really easy to vent.
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