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  1. richrc1131

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    Central Connecticut
    I need some advice on how I can protect a small area of my wall near the shower from continually getting wet when my family showers.

    There is a small (maybe 5" X 10") area of a wall at the shower end of my bathroom between a sink cabinet and the tub that gets wet when people shower. Is there a novice level solution to this problem?

    Even with the shower curtain pulled all the way, it still seems to get wet. I've already had to replace that part of the wall due to mold.
  2. jadnashua

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    New England
    Is it getting wet because of spray from the shower, or could it be leaking through the wall? Big difference in how to attack the problem. Maybe a picture of the area in question showing the relationship between the shower and the affected area would help.

    If it is spray, maybe the shower curtain needs to be raised, or people admonished to ensure it is fully closed. A glass set of doors, properly installed should also work.
  3. roegs

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    I would think installing a shower door vs. the curtain would be much easier than replacing another section of wall.

    I just replaced one of our shower door assemblies (see my post on caulking) and had one made at a local glass shop. In my opinion, its a much better door than from the local big box stores. It was custom made to my measurements and was a breeze to install.
  4. iminaquagmire

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    You can buy splash guards at the big box stores. Its basically just s big plastic L that attaches to the top of the tub and the wall. It closes the gap between the wall and the curtain. I just had to put one in after finding the same thing. A door is a better solution though. I'm not ready to start remodeling that bathroom until I finish another one so it was a perfect solution for me. No more water on the floor.
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