Shower Tub/Eclosure OK To Paint?

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    Ok in my 2nd bathroom I have a fiberglass/plastic shower tub that is still fairly new. I am making plans on at least updating that bathroom but my main focus is on the vanity, sink, toilet, vent fan and lighting. I don't have any plans on replacing the shower surrounds with tiles just like what I did to the other one. My plan is to keep the shower tub and just purchase new shower doors and then probably update the shower fixtures. Though fairly new, my only issue with the shower tub is its color which is biege or yellowish white. I want it to be white to blend with my toilet and the new vanity sink I plan on purchasing. Now I saw in one commercial this Krylon plastic paint. Is this something I can use to paint over my shower tub? Has anyone ever tried this? Will it last? What would you suggest I do to make the shower tub white other than paint it or replace it? Is hiring a professional re-glazer (don't know what they exactly do) an option?

    Hope to hear your suggestions. BTW, I plan on DIY'ing this other bathroom. I think I've learned enough having watched the guys work on my other bathroom. I guess instead of paying for the labor, I'll just use some of it to buy the tools I need.
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    You'll get varying responses to the longevity of refinishes. Most imply it doesn't last.
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    I vote no on krylon plastic paint in shower

    I just tried this and found that it peels off easily with a thumbnail. The shower wall enclosure was made of styrene and not fiberglass, but I am replacing the enclosure walls with a new wall kit today because the krylon plastic paint didn't adhere well enough.

    Both Lowes and Home Depot sell an epoxy paint kit for plastic walls and tubs...and another for porcelain tubs. I would pursue these and ask what luck others have had with this epoxy approach.

    Good luck....
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