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    I am a naivest at this whole plumbing thing. We are in the process of remodeling our bathroom, The old bathroom had a shower stall, we would like to remove the stall and put in a shower tub combination. Is this something that is easily plumbed? or do I need to call in the professionals. How do I re-route the pipes to include an overflow and tub spout?
  2. well you already know that a tub has an overflow, so you are far ahead of many wannabe DIY.

    The overflow you buy at a store. Look at the Geberit web site or others to get an idea of options if you want to feel comfortable with it before you start, but it is not a challenge so you can safely skip this until you need it.

    Once you have an idea of the tub you want to get, look at its PDF file on the manufacturer's web site to see where the inches go, for the drain (and overflow). From there you calculate the route your new tub P trap and drain pipe will take. Then you buy the parts as need be.

    Water supply (hot and cold), mixing valves and spouts are not hard to figure out either. Many threads here have dealt with little problems with old spouts. (Search and you will find.)

    Plan your layout, and post a diagram here, so people can comment on what needs to be done.

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    For a professional making the conversion can range from somewhat easy, to very difficult, so trying to advise you as to whether to DIY it or not depends on your abilities.
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