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    We're remodeling a cottage. Terry has hooked us up with a toilet suggestion. Now I could use a shower suggestion. We have a 36" X 48" (+, -) space where we would like to put a shower with a built in bench. Due to narrow entrance door on the cottage, can't get anything wider than about 30" through the cottage entrance. Any suggested brand/model? Not looking for high dollar, or cheapest either - something middle of the road is fine. Didn't see anything at HD or Lowes that comes in larger sizes such as this in a remodel (several pieces) shower. All of their big showers are one piece. Not looking to go the full 5' size, or a smaller shower if we don't have to. Thanks, Scott
  2. jimbo

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    Lasco 1483-2P is a 2 piece 48 X 34. It has 2 corner seats. Even if you found a 35" W that is too small for a complete bench. You might have to settle for corner seats vs bench.
  3. scottyt

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    Thanks Jimbo. I'll check into that model. I was wrong when I said "bench seat". If I had known what I was talking about, I would have said "corner seat". That's what happens when we work outside of our own trade! Thanks, Scott
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    Jimbo, Nice avatar! Scotty (former) MM1/SS
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    have you thought of a 3 section shower lowes has them it shouldnt be a problem
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