Shower started losing all pressure recently

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  1. bdmeyer

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    Columbia, SC
    Recently, My shower head pressure became unusable. I used vinegar overnight on the shower head to decalcify, though hard water isn't an issue with our area.
    It made no difference.
    I bought a new inexpensive shower head and had the same symptom.
    The symptom is, I turn on the bathtub water, which comes full force from the spout. I turn the divertor on, which is at the end of the spout. You pull the ring at the tip of the spout down, and water is redirected tot he shower head.
    For a few seconds, the water coming out of the shower head is full force.
    Withing 60 seconds the water gradually loses power until it is barely a trickle.
    I read about it likely being the divertor or the valve. Since the vale is a single knob, turn left for hot, turn right for cold/off, I figured the problem wasn't the divertor. If it were the divertor, the water wouldn't come out of the shower at all, and would trickle or leak out of the spout. (or at least so goes my non-plumbing selfs logic)
    I then removed the trim plate for the valve and looked 360 degree's with a cell phone camera and it's bright light on. Great video. Everything is bone dry, though there is a little bit of green patina on the copper piping from apparent leaks at some point. (Not much)

    I am not thinking it is the valve that is having a problem. Before I wasted money replacing it, I wanted to ask for a professional opinion if my troubleshooting steps are even valid, and if indeed the valve may be the likely culprit.
    The vale is a Delta.
    My best guess as to the model is a Delta Classic Monitor® Tub Faucet.
  2. jadnashua

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    Take the shower head off and turn on the shower. See if you get full force and it lasts. There could be something caught in the riser pipe, and if so, it may just shoot out the unrestricted pipe opening with the head off.
  3. bdmeyer

    bdmeyer New Member

    Columbia, SC

    Thanks. I did try that. I also removed the valve, and took it apart. There was a tony bit of crud but nothing major.

    While I had it apart I noticed that the two springs with the rubber seals were very stuff. I had tor emove them and replace them to get the spring to be able to function. I am buying a new pair tomorrow and will rebuild the valve and see if that solved it.
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