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  1. az1324

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    I'm replacing a tub with a shower and plumbing the drain. I am removing the reducing tee and using a 2" drain instead of the 1.5". The drain, however is situated directly above a joist and there isn't room to place the p trap in that spot. The joist has already been notched, and I do not wish to notch it any further to avoid completely compromising its integrity.

    So can I just elbow over and up from the p trap using 2 90 deg fittings? Just want to confirm that this is ok for proper drainage.

    Edit: Ok that's not really helpful as an elbow takes up just as much room vertically as a p-trap. What I'm gonna do is 22 up from the tee and 22 back to horizontal then the p trap will be raised above the joist and be just low enough to make the connection. Sorry for wasting a thread. Delete if desired.
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  2. Redwood

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    Yes, you can offset the drain to the trap as you indicate.
  3. hj

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    Cave Creek, Arizona

    A 45 and a street 45 might be better.
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