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    Background - Old Clawfoot tub with shower attachment.

    I changed out the diverter with a Kingston Brass ABT1060 Vintage Shower Diverter with 1/4" IPS Fittings because the old one would not direct water upward well. We do not use the shower much but all was well after I tested it post installation. Now (2y later and very limited use) trying to the use the tub the following happened and continues to happen.

    When the water is directed down to the tub, for both the hot or cold water, it will run for a short period (10-15 seconds) then the water will stop and I get a banging. Also, if say I have the hot water on and before the banging happens I turn on the cold water, the water will stop running immediately however no banging.

    If the water is diverted up to the shower, all works fine. And it does not matter if it is diverted to the fixed shower head or the handle shower head. Am I am looking at a bad part or bad installation assuming it is the diverter that is the problem? Frankly I thought I was missing a washer when I installed it but everything was fine at the time and there were not leaks so I went with it. Or could the problem be something altogether different? I attached a picture of the set-up.


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