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    Hey guys, I think i remember reading this on the site, so point me in the right direction if someone knows of a post but I can't find it:

    I'm still in design phase of my renovation and i'm curious if I can share a vent and a drain for a shower and lav that are back to back sharing a wall.

    The lav would drain down to a 2" pipe slightly ahead of the the shower drain. The lav would also have a 2" vent connecting back to the main stack, and the shower would share that same vent, the drains won't be more than 5-6 inches apart, and total distance of 36" from the stack.

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    If I understand you correctly... Your lav and shower are on the same level, as the drains drop below the floor the shower should have a p-trap and then connect to the lavatory (2" combination) which would serve as a wet vent for the shower. The shower drain should not exceed 6 ft. before connecting to the lav.
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    Thanks for the reply!

    Yes they're on the same level

    I'm not good at the isometric thing(the drains are draining downhill) but the image I attached is what I'm proposing.

    Again the shower will drain within 6" of the Lav Drain and both drains are within 36" of the main stack.


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    It is done all the time. As long as it is done properly there is no problem with doing it.
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