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  1. Anthony Curtas

    Anthony Curtas New Member

    Master bath remodel just started in earnest. We have a plan: walk in shower, Toto Dartmouth toilet, clawfoot tub, and double vanity. No major plumbing relocation although drains and supplies will be moved within a few feet of existing (but in the same joist bays, same vents, main drains, etc).

    The most complicated part is going to be the shower. We aren't looking for anything too fancy:
    Rainhead shower
    Separate Handspray

    I just started searching for products to do this and it's making my head spin. Separate thermostat and diverter valves, Bars that have both the shower and handspray in one, single valves that also do the diverting, etc.

    Do you all have a go-to valve for installations like this? It seems like Kohler, Moen, Delta, and others all have plenty of choices.
    Any products or installation types that are not worth the hassle?

  2. Anthony Curtas

    Anthony Curtas New Member

    We're leaning towards Moen based on features and trims available.

    Anyone have an opinion on their Moentrol 3330 valve?

    We didn't want volume control, but having the transfer valve built in seems to save money over the Kohler and Delta offerings (separate valves). Plus we are leaning towards their Monticello line to match our Dartmouth toilet and a soon-to-be-selected clawfoot tub.

    Thanks for any and all advice!
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