Sharkbite fittings?

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  1. smhowell

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    Sorry for the hurry, and thanks all who helped with the compression fitting question.

    Has anyone had experience, good or bad, with Sharkbite fittings? They look almost foolproof. The salesman says they'll pass code within the walls, and we need to close up the walls tomorrow at the latest.

    Thanks in advance,
  2. I had a master electrician who I worked for use two tees under a kitchen sink rework to catch the dishwasher and RO system.

    He used 2 sharkbite caps that held for 11 weeks so he was comfortable with the tees, didn't want to do any soldering for some reason. :confused:

    I've used these a few times transitioning to CPVC only, not copper to copper. He said his wife was a better "leak detector" than any device, mirror/flashlight, or paper towel you can put under

    Using them in last resort applications I feel is best. I would of preferred soldered connections rather than moving ones, was very hard to keep it all straight and from moving when installing the flexible risers.
  3. Cass

    Cass Plumber

    I don't care for them because of the movement also.
  4. kordts

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    exurban Chicago
    I love them. They are expensive, so I use them sparingly. They are NSF 61 approved, so they are code legal in Illinois. I use them to transition from copper to cpvc or pex, or any combination thereof.
  5. elvisclock

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    I used a coupling at a restuarant last night. I soldered as much as I could but could not wait for all the water to drain so that i could reconnect what I had to cut out.
  6. GrumpyPlumber

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    Licensed Grump
    I almost fell over when I saw my state had approved them.
    I've used them on low pressure baseboard, where they're out in the open, but there's no way I'll be putting them inside walls..or out in the open for that matter on potable water...not till I see they have a track record of years.
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