Shallow Well Jet Pump Venturi and Nozzle

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  1. srmcclur

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    Jul 13, 2011
    Hey. I have a new Dayton convertible jet pump with a shallow well bolt on ejector that I'm installing for a lake house. It's just drawing water from a hose from the lake only about 6 feet in depth and 100' of run.

    I bought the shallow well ejector set and it has a variety of venturis and nozzles. It's apparent how the venturi screws into the ejector but there really aren't any directions and I can't figure out how the nozzle installs into the pump/ejector in relation to the venturi.

    Sorry for the stupid DIY question...any help is appreciated !
  2. masterpumpman

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    Mar 26, 2007
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    Virginia Beach, VA
    The venturi should screw into the bolt on jet assembly, then bolt the assembly to the pump. The 3 venturi's are for different depths vs. pressure. In your case it won't matter much. I'd use the venturi with the largest inside diameter.
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