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    Just had a home inspection on our 2.5 year-old house, and was told our sewer vent is venting in the attic instead of venting above the roof. We know there’s air ventilation in the attic, but don’t know if that’s enough air flow. Can anybody tell me if that is acceptable by code or we should contact our builder to fix the problem? Thank you
  2. vents stink

    what does the pipe actually look like??

    Does it have some sort of hood cap on it (automatic studor vent) ??

    or does it just literally have a wide open pipe just stinking up the attic???

    If it is wide open, you really ought to have it taken out the roof...

    both moisture , mold, sewer gas, and even sewer bugs, roaches ect will eventullly find their way to make their home in the attic.

    As far as getting the builder to make it right, most builders IMHO and in my experience, are total skumbags and only warranty their work for one full year and not a single day more. I honestly doubt he will do anything for you.

    you might have a better chance calling the plumber who installed it in the first place...if he is still on good terms with the builder and got paid for doing the work the first time , he will most likely be your best shot.

    Try the builder first and see what happens. Maybe he will be a good guy and just prove me wrong and fix it for you.

    But , if he does not want to, or wont tell you who the plumber was,
    its most likely because he never paid him. and if you let the origianl plumber back on the property, you could be looking down the barell of a Mechanics lien for the total plumbing installation.

    I dont mean to scare you, but I have seen this happen to people so,.....

    If you feel like any of this could be a possibility, (you know the builder) its best to just call another plumber and just pay to get done right .
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    Cave Creek, Arizona

    I had a customer with that problem once. The odor was being carried down the wall by air currents and into the rooms around the electrical outlets. Since the offending vent was in an almost inaccessible location, I had to open the roof to get to it and extend it throgh the roof. Venting into the attic space is NEVER a good idea. Unless you have a tile roof, extending it properly should be a simple matter.
  4. Coolwoo

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    Thank you all!

    master plumber mark and hj,

    Thank you for your help, I will get in touch with my builder and see if they can do anything for me. I wonder how it got by the building inspector in the first place for the C.O?
  5. inspectors are lazy

    Inspectors dont really look everything over

    they just sort of walk through the place acting all important

    it works most of the time.
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