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  1. Chapy

    Chapy New Member

    I am building a house and need to pump the sewage. I have looked at the little giant pump and basin kits. They are 4/10 hp or 1/2 hp. Will these work for an entire house? (three bedroom two bath) Thanks
  2. dont skimp on your pump

    stay away from all the junk out there like the
    little giant....

    this is somethign that you want to be trouble free
    for a very long time....

    dont be a tight wad on
    your sewage pump .....or you will ive to regret it...

    get the ZOELLER heavy duty sewage pump with
    a mercury switch that attaches to the pipe....

    go out and buy any typicle deep sewage pit
    with the metal lid and you are set for up to 20 years....

  3. Chapy

    Chapy New Member

    Thanks for the reply

    What horse power should I get?
  4. I odnt know what it is

    I have no idea what the hp is on the one I usually use

    3/4 or one horse I would guess....

    I will have to look at one I got in my office
    next week for the info

    i suppose thats a poor excuse,
  5. hj

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    Cave Creek, Arizona

    For the entire house you need an engineered duplex system with all the bells and whistles, about $5,000.00, and a main water valve tied to the pump's overflow circuit that will shut off the water if both pumps fail or there is a power failure so you cannot continue to use water and flood the house.
  6. sumppumppimp

    sumppumppimp New Member

    It's really going to depend on what foot of "head" the pump is going to have to over come, what the GPM's are going to be coming into the pit, and what voltage and phase you have available.
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