Setting a tub.

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  1. pitteach

    pitteach New Member

    Hamburg, NY
    I'm creating a 2nd floor bathroom and I'm ready to set the tub. It is a 5' x 42" acrylic whirlpool with a accessible front skirt. The tub sits on 4 legs and I plan to set it in light plaster (structolite).

    Should i set the tub directly on the 3/4" subfloor or on an added 1/2" underlay like the rest of the bathroom?

    I'm concerned about any moisture affecting and ruining the wood floor, so can I lay down a poly barrier on the sub floor before I set the tub?

    I also have concerns where the tile floor will butt up to the tub skirt. I'm concerned that water will creep between the tile and the tub and will penetrate the sub floor.

    I'm looking to head off any future problems down the road since I don't want to make any premature repairs.

  2. leejosepho

    leejosepho DIY scratch-pad engineer

    Have you figured its weight when full of water and people to be sure your second floor can handle it?

    I would add the underlay and tile at least to a point just inside the exposed edge(s) of the tub. Then, it will be easy to seal the tub's skirt to the tile.
  3. pitteach

    pitteach New Member

    Hamburg, NY
    I too was very concerned about the weight. So I tore out the existing 2x6 floor joists (yes, I did say 2X6) and replaced with lam beams (lvl) and 3/4 in subfloor. The tub is sitting on 3 sets of doubled lvls that span only 8ft, so I would think I'm covered.
  4. Nate R

    Nate R New Member

    Milwaukee, WI
    You never did the load calcs to be SURE you're covered?
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