seeking fridge filter without carbon

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  1. jeremytl

    jeremytl Scientist

    durham, nc
    I have a Kenmore Fridge with a built in filter system. Because of the presence of groundwater bacteria in my well water, I was told not to use brita filter pitchers because bacteria breeds in carbon filters...

    Well, I'd like to hook the water line to my Fridge and the two filters I have are the carbon filters that remove chlorine. I don't have chlorine.

    I either need to bypass the filtration system in the fridge somehow and make ice using straight tapwater or find a filter that fits the fridge that doesn't use active carbon in the filter cartridge.

    We drink the water and its fine.

    Any ideas?

  2. cacher_chick

    cacher_chick Test, Don't Guess!

    Land of Cheese
    The housing for the filter has a plastic line going in and out of it. This line could be cut and spliced to bypass the filter housing and thus eliminate the filter.

    All common disposable filter materials that I can think of will be a breeding ground for bacteria. Religiously changing the filter on a regular basis helps. Most people will fail to change the filter often enough.
  3. Bill Arden

    Bill Arden Computer Programmer

    MN, USA
    The real question is what kind of bacteria?

    If you have iron and minerals you might want to use a reverse osmosis Filter unit under the kitchen sink and then run a line over to the fridge.

    I know it's overkill, but it makes really nice clear ice cubes.

    The reverse osmosis Filter will remove any bacteria and most bacteria waste products. This means that the carbon filter that comes standard with a reverse osmosis Filter unit is fine to use.
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  4. 99k

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    Fairfield Co.,Connecticut
    You really need to address the bacteria problem! Perhaps you have a bad well cap or something simple to resolve ... either way you can get really sick by ignoring this problem.
  5. jeremytl

    jeremytl Scientist

    durham, nc
    fridge filter bypass instructions needed

    I would consult my manual but I don't have one. How do I bypass the fridge filter?
  6. Gary Slusser

    Gary Slusser That's all folks!

    Find a manual online or call tech support for the 'fridge.

    Then fix the bacteria problem with a disinfection system or a UV light if the water quality is sufficient to be able to use a UV light.

    RO can not be used on microbiological contaminated water.

    ROs have pre and post carbon cartridges where bacteria thrive. All ROs have pretreatment requirements for hardness, iron, H2S, manganese, bacteria of all types etc. etc. and if the pretreatment minimums are not met, the RO should not be used because it can not work.
  7. SeattleSlew

    SeattleSlew New Member

    Gary- What type of water is suitable for UV sterlization? Is it possible to disinfect a fridge filter? Thanks for any advice.
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