Rust in water tank

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    Ft Myers
    I have city water the house is 12 yreas old with pvc pipe. I just replaced my 3rd elect. water tank. The tank gets rusty and has to be replaced, I do have a water softner unit also and wonder if the water softner is creating the rust problem. No info from my local plumber or the water softner company. Thank you jz.
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    Do others in your neighborhood have short lives on water heater tanks? I am guessing that your city water is particularly corrosive.

    When you say rusty, I am guessing you mean the tank leaks.

    I would consider using a powered anode to prevent internal rust. While it costs more, you don't have to change out the anode, and can, in fact, move the anode to the next tank.
  3. jack z

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    Ft Myers
    No the others have no problem tanks are over 14 yrs. old they are on city water but no softner units.
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    Water is sometimes called the universal solvent...yes, it can take millennia, but most things can be dissolved by it. The purer it is, the more aggressive it is. That being said, most of the time, it's luck of the draw.
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    As I recall, when we started using Colorado River Water ( in Tucson, AZ) there were a lot of pipe problems because of the "Ph" of the water.
    I know pinhole leaks in copper (especially horizontal lines) is of a particular problem because of "Ph".

    1) I would have your "Ph" tested (your water company should provide a list of chemicals in the H20 as well as "Ph" on a periodic basis.)
    2) You MAY be getting H20 from a different well than your neighbors.
    3) If the same well, I'd look to see what your H2O lines are made of.
    If black or galvantic pipe they may rusted (on the inside) and dumping rust into your tank.
    4) Maybe getting a dialetic reaction. Are you using dialetic nipples (plastic coated) -- or -- copper fittings (not brass or stainless steel) to galvanized fittings or to the tank?
    Some research seems to indicate improper electrical grounding of the house contributes to tanks rusting faster (causes these dialetic problems)
    5) That said, all H20 Tanks rust inside, and maybe your neighbors have bought a 12 to 15 year tank, where yours is just a 6 year tank.
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