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    I was working in a double-wide out in the boonies recently. This customer wanted a new tub faucet installed. His drain was all funky. He had the tub drain (flanged piece with stopper) screwed directly into a PVC trap, which was connected almost immediately to a drain pipe with a vent. The tub overflow drained through a hole in the floor onto the ground.

    He wants to sell this house, so I told him the inspector would want him to re-do the drain properly. He said that for a rural house they wouldn't care.

    In case I wind up re-doing this drain, what is the code as far as the position of the trap and the vent relative to each other and the tub drain assembly?
  2. overflow is before the P trap. Vent is after it. They look similar, and sort of do similar things, but they cannot be mixed.

    I don't know if an RV can have an overflow draining to the outside. I do know that an RV tub can have NO overflow at all. Search on tub+"no overflow" in a search engine, and you'll find tubs made solely for the RV market.

    So, overflow is connected before the P trap when it exists in the first place. An overflow is an open pipe so it would let insects come in to an RV when piped as you have described.

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    Thanks, David.

    This domicile is not an RV. It is a double-wide trailer AKA a pre-fab home. It is on ~ 1 acre of land.

    I was wanting to know how much space there should be between drain assembly and trap, between trap and vent, etc...
  4. no min distance to trap or vent

    no distance until trap, no distance till vent. That is OK.

    The min distance between a trap and a stack, is a low multiple of the pipe diameter but i can't remember. Since a vent fitting has its own dimensions, you'll have surpassed the min distance for a tub. AFAIK.

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