running propane line for new range

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    We bought a home that we are currently remodeling. We want to run a propane line to hook into our 250 gal tank that is fueling only our generator so that we can have a gas range.

    The gas company came out and said that a line would have to be run in the attic.

    We were quoted over $500 (approx 35 feet to run) just to put the line in the attic, not for any connections. We want to do anything preliminary since we are florida state licensed building contractors. We understand that a pro would have to connect and be inspected.

    Is this possible? The original gas company said we could but we need direction!
  2. hj

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    What kind of pipe would you be installing? Most flexible lines cannot be purchased unless you are a qualified installer of that make and model of material.
  3. Mikey

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    My propane company installed the line at the same time as the tank, used 1/2" flexible copper.
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