Running COAX/Cat5E down Vent Pipe??

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  1. tonyjo

    tonyjo New Member

    Hi All,

    I need to get some coax (RG6) and Cat5E down to my basement from my attic and wanted to know if running the cable down the sump pump vent pipe was OK. The run is about 23 feet down and the vent is used only for the basement sump pump.

    I planned on putting a Y connector (45 degree) in the attic and basement to support the entry and exit of the wire instead of drilling holes directly in the pipe. The vent pipe is a 2" PVC pipe.

    Is this "safe"? Any recommendations on how best to seal/cap off the cable entry into the Y connector? Any specific type of cable I should buy?


  2. casman

    casman New Member

    New York
    Is there any reason why you can't run it anywhere else? I could see maybe running it alongside the pipe but not in it.
  3. tonyjo

    tonyjo New Member

    I have looked everywhere and haven't found even the SMALLEST hole. I guess the framer/builder was pretty thorough in their cuts.

  4. Mikey

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    Sump pump vent should be fine. I'd cap the wyes and run the cables through waterproof bulkhead fittings. Any amateur radio supply house should be able to fix you up. You might check on them every few years, but I can't see any reason why they shouldn't last forever, if they're out of the sunlight.

  5. Any plumbing inspector would start laughing at this scenario and it would end up on a home inspection report quite quickly as something that needed removal.

    I can see the very remote possibility of some unsuspecting drain cleaning machine accidently catching a vent trying to clean a drain and entangling into this cable. I've had this problem on kitchen sink drains of the cable going up the vent instead of down...even though the sanitary tee is directional.

    Just remember that sewer gases slowly erode out cast iron....the cable you are using was never designed for your application.
  6. Mikey

    Mikey Aspiring Old Fart, EE, computer & networking geek

    Central Florida
    Yeah, but they don't erode PVC very much, which is what the cable insulation is made of.

    Also, it's a sump pump vent, not a sewer vent. Guess it depends on what's in the sump, but I've never had a home with a vented sump -- water looked pretty clean, for the most part.
  7. ToolsRMe

    ToolsRMe New Member

    You might want to contact a professional electrician. Those guys tend to be pretty good about being able to snake wires behind drywall, etc.

    If you're the DIY type, you might want to invest in a long flexible drill bit. I've seen them at HD as well as electrical supply houses. Price is around $30 and they come in various lengths.

    You'll want to check your local codes about drilling through wood "fire blocks". Your life may depend on fire not getting through. I've never seen an inspector bitch about a small hole for electrical ... but you never know.

    Retrofitting this stuff can be tough. I've done a bunch of this stuff (as a non-professional) and each one is an adventure.

    Sometimes the easiest thing (and cheapest!!!) is to rip out a section of drywall and then reach in to grab the cable(s) and also to drill new holes. A drywaller should be able to repair the hole for about $50. Then their's the primer and paint ... but that's the cost of doing stuff you want to do.

    Good luck.
  8. not too good an idea

    wouldent it be wiser just to run this cable up the outside
    of your house along some gutter or gable?????

    recently they added cabel and phone lines to my home and ran the
    cable along the inside corner of my eave for probably 200 feet
    all the way around my house in a brown color cable
    and it is not noticable......

    surely you can find a way jsut to drill a hole to the outside of the house and then stapel something all the way up to the third floor.....

    anything is better than "half assing " some sort of cable through
    your vent pipe
  9. toolaholic

    toolaholic General Contractor Carpenter

    Marin Co. Ca.
    how about NO

    Went on a large roof to see the tv mast down the upper bath vent pipe. asked the gal how that bath drained. She said it took for ever:D
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