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    Hello all, I have an RO system similar to the one in this set up - - It has the faucet as shown to the right of the circled 8.. I 'think' it is referred to as an Air Gap faucets since it has a small hole near the bottom that connects to a thin tube.

    here is my problem..

    Twice in the last few weeks the faucet has started flowing water out the small hole near the base of the faucet. I turn the supply off and it stops, let it sit overnight and turn the supply back on and there was no problem for a couple days until it started doing it again. The flow of water is strong enough that it squirts out horizontally for about an inch and a half and produces enough water to flood the counter top in just a couple minutes.

    What would cause the system to back up and pump water out of that little hole?

    Thanks for any input in advance...
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    The reason the faucet assembly has an air gap is for the rejection water from the filter to drain into your sink drain without the possibility of siphoning waste water back to the filter. If water is coming out from the faucet base, the drain line from the faucet to your tailpeice under the sink is clogged. For each gallon of RO water produced, 2 to 4 gallons are rejected down the drain. This is the water you see leaking out.

    The reason the leak stops is because the filter's holding tank is full, thus shutting off the supply water. When you use some of the filtered water, the filter turns on the water supply and creates more rejection water.

    The black line in your drawing is the culprit. Ensure it is free flowing into your sink's drain. If it is even clogged even a little, it will back up water onto your counter.
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