Replacing Toto Vespin Seat with dual potty seat

Discussion in 'Toilet Forum discussions' started by pbowers, Aug 28, 2009.

  1. pbowers

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    A couple years ago when we did our bathroom remodels we had a Toto vespin installed in our main bathroom. It's so far been a great toilet. We recently potty trained our oldest son and want to replace the seat on this toilet with something like this temporarily so he won't feel so much like he's going to fall in:

    Will a "normal" elongated seat fit on this Toto toilet? Anyone ever installed one of these before?
  2. Peanut9199

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    Ontario, Canada
    Yes any elongated seat will fit your Vespin.

    The Toto seat is 18-1/2" long and 5-1/2" for the bolts.
    The same as the seat your looking at.

    SS114 Toto seat

    Potty training seat
  3. pbowers

    pbowers New Member

    Thank you

    That answers my question.
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