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  1. shluffer

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    This is a caompanion thread to my optimal PSI thread.

    I think my valve is dead. It now reduces the preasure down to 25. is this concistent with a failed valve, or do they stop decreasing the preasure when they fail? I did try and tighten the adjustment screw, but it did not have any affect. This leads me to believe it broke.

    I am going to replace or rebuild my watts U5B preasure reducing valve.

    The question is if it is worth repairing it. Am I better off just buying a new one?

    I would replace an older U5B (the part numbner is 135B1M3) with one of the new U5BZ3. If anyone has a suggestion as to a valve that is better let me know.

    Thanks in advance for the help.
  2. Basement_Lurker

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    Replacing it is simpler, better, and faster, although more expensive. However you might not have access to proper repair parts.
  3. hj

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    I would NEVER spend the time trying to repair one, but since it is your own PRV labor is not a factor so you could try it. often, however, the results can be less than desirable and you could wind up installing a new one anyway.
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