replace moldy condensate drain tube on power vent water heater

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    I assume the transparent vinyl tubing on this power vent water heater is a drain for the exhaust condensate. I'm guessing the loop functions as a trap. The tube runs to a floor drain. The inside of the tube is lined with mold and the loop is kinked in 2 places. Because of the kinks, it appears the tube may have never functioned well as a drain. This installation is about 10 years old in a relative's house. [The houses I have lived in have only had basic low efficiency water heaters vented up a b-vent flue.]

    I want to replace this drain tube with new tubing and ensure no kinks in the loop this time.

    But just checking--is there a better way to do this condensate drain?


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    EZ trap.png I might run it in pvc with a proper trap - something like the ez-trap shown here.
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